Lake Superior
Ed Menendez

Sea Grant Files: Resilience at Any Age and Stage

Jesse Schomberg and Tom Beery talk climate adaptation this week on the Sea Grant Files. Duluth is facing three major climate challenges: warmer and wetter weather, losing the winter cold, and more frequent and high intensity storm events. How do we combat these climate challenges and what does this mean for our community? MN Sea Grant

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Zenith City Groove collective

11/12 Live From Studio A: Zenith City Groove Collective

Todd Garland, Jake Jonker, Keith Bower, and Nick Glass have been laying down jazz grooves in the Twin Ports for the past year. Garland found his way to Duluth after time spent in the Atlanta and Chicago music scenes. The group mixes covers of modern groove tunes from artists like John Scofield and Charlie Hunter with unconventional versions of pop and rock tunes. They celebrated their one year anniversary with a show at Beaner's Central on November 16. We got a preview when they joined us in...

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Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: get a map, a pencil, and make a plan for the weekend

It's an embarassment of (small business) riches this week as Small Business Saturday events and venues are literally popping up all around town. Here is just a sample of some of the offerings: Kenspeckle Letterpress, beginning Friday November 23 AICHO's Annual Biboon Winter Sale, Saturday November 24 Chris Monroe's Holiday Pop-Up Bailey Builds and Friends: Small Business Saturday POP-ups Natalie Salminen open studio Local authors/illustrators at Zenith Bookstore on Small Business Saturday...

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Larry Weber is just chock-ful of good advice this week, from how to keep squirrels away from your feeders to how to tell if the bears are awake or asleep right now.

There's just a tiny downside: both of these solutions are EXPENSIVE.

Oh, and Larry is looking for redpolls, too - have you seen any?

Jonathan Thunder

The Tweed Museum of Art is celebrating a new exhibit, years in the planning, curated by Karissa White.  "Intersections" invites the public to discover the vibrant spectrum of new and old work by Native American in Minnesota. Bringing this show together was a collaborative project, drawing from the Tweed Museum permanent collection to bring forward a generation of work from George Morrison, Carl Gawboy alongside the next generation of Frank Big Bear and Jim Denomie and young local artists like Jonathan Thunder.

Duluth musician turned author Adam Herman talks about his debut ("odd") novel Limbo, how he developed a tough enough skin to put his music and prose "out there," and his simple advice to those wondering if they could or should take that leap themselves.

Limbo is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

A connection between energy production and citizen participation - or improvisational theater, for that matter - is unfamiliar in the United States.

But not for much longer - especially here in Minnesota.

  Solar United Neighbors has information about what's going on in communities around the state, co-ops, additional information on how to go solar on your own and much more here:

Lisa Johnson

Derrick and Kayla aren't the first people to come into our studios and admit they've never been on the radio before.

But this interview will be harder for them than a lot of guests.

Harder -- but worth it, they say.  Because they "deserve to be heard."

More information about stuttering is available at the National Stuttering Association website here.

©Tom Kasper

It's a hard time for gardeners.  They're having to say goodbye to everything they worked so hard to nurture all spring and summer.

They miss their plants.

One thing they can do to brighten their spirits is repurpose the containers from the summer's flowers and tomatoes and express themselves creating outdoor holiday decorations.

Tom Kasper tells us the other.

Lisa Johnson

Mike Mayou sits down to talk election results with Duluth's newly re-elected state representative, Jen Schultz and to look forward at what can be accomplished at the state level after the midterm elections.

The Tweed Museum of Art continues its Visual Cultural Lecture Series with documentary filmmaker Keri Pickett and a screening of First Daughter and the Black Snake.

The exhibit Intersections opens at the Tweed Museum of Art on Thursday, and Annie Dugan is calling it the exhibition of the year.

©John Heino

This week: who really deserves dignity and respect?

In the Spirit of Medicine features the essays of Dr. Arne Vainio, an enrolled member of the Mille Lacs  Band of Ojibwe and a family practice doctor on the Fond Du Lac reservation in Cloquet.


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Gaelynn Lea
Monika Lawrence

Galeynn Lea, accompanied by her full band, take the Sacred Heart stage on Saturday, November 17th to celebrate the release of "Learning How to Stay".

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KUMD Live from Studio A Volume 1

KUMD is pleased to announce the release of Live from Studio A Volume 1 , a collection of 16 tracks recorded in our studios over the past several years.

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