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KUMD's The Basement is Student Run Radio.
Now meet the students who run it.
The Staff of 2014-2015
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 Adam - 1 year with KUMD
Friday Mornings 1-3am
Major: Computer Information Systems and Communication double-major
Listens to: Classic Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Jazz, Alt-Pop, Dub/Ska, Electronica, Hip Hop, Punk, Foreign, Classical, Metal, Folk....ALL. OF. IT.
Favorite Album(s): Relics (Pink Floyd), Push the Sky Away (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Valtari (Sigur Ros), Kind of Blue (Miles Davis), Waiting for the Sun (The Doors)

Brian - 1 year with KUMD
Monday nights 11pm-1am
Major: Math
Listens to: Hip Hop, Dream Pop, Showgaze, Ambient, Microhouse
Favorite Albums: Sit Down, Man (Either Das Racist), Teen Dream (Beach House)
 Claire - 2 years with KUMD
Wednesday mornings 1-3am
Major: Environmental Science and Sustainability
Listens to: Electronica, Hip Hop, Chillwave, Foreign, Psychedelic Rock, Synthpop
Favorite Albums: Shulamith (Polica), Lonerism (Tame Impala), Within and Without (Washed Out), Shrines (Purity Ring)
  Dayae - First year with KUMD
Tuesday mornings 1am-3am
Communication, Journalism
Listens to: Besides Hard-core Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic, likes most genres
Favorite Albums: In the Lonely Hour (Sam Smith)

Matt "DJ Dadshorts" - 2 years with KUMD
Thursday nights 11pm-1am
Major: BA in Music
Listens to: Post-rock, Indie-rock, Metal
Favorite Albums: Visiter (The Dodos), Like a Virgin Losing a Child (Manchester Orchestra)

Myles "DJ Myleage" - 1 year with KUMD
Thursday Mornings 1-3am
Major: Communication with Business Administration Minor
Listens to: Jazz, Rock, Indie Jams, Rockabilly, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Folk
Favorite Album(s): Stadium Arcadium (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
 Nick "DJ Just Nick" - 3 years with KUMD
Tuesdays at 5pm, Wednesdays at 9pm
Major: International Studies
Listens to: Reggae, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazzy Hip Hop
Favorite Album(s): American Beauty (The Grateful Dead), Donuts (J Dilla), African Herbsman (Bob Marley and the Wailers), Proxima Estacion: Esperanza (Manu Chao), Coffee House Swinger (Boho Fau & Elevated Soul)

Nate "The Dude" - 4 years with KUMD
Monday nights 9-11pm
Major: Bowling, Drinking White Russians, Taking it easy
Listens to: I listen to everything, I like good things
Favorite Album(s): My creedence mixtapes

Quentin - 1.5 years with KUMD
Hotdish Sunday nights 9-11pm
Major: Communication
Listens to: Hip Hop, Electronica, Indie
Favorite Album(s): Top Gun OST