Chris Harwood

Production Director

Chris Harwood grew up in Duluth, and as a high school student he was a volunteer announcer at KUMD.  He received a BA in Music from Macalester College in 1993, and an MA in Musicology from Columbia University in 2004.  Upon returning to Duluth in 2006, he resumed volunteering as the host of Blues Alley until 2013.  As a volunteer, he also created and continues to host Soul Village since it began in early 2009.

Now also employed as KUMD's Production Director, Chris oversees the creation of pre-recorded announcements and many other on-air programs, including Women's Words and Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa.  On the air, he can be heard regularly on Music Through the Day on Mondays and Tuesdays, on Soul Village on Friday afternoons, and occasionally hosts Northland Morning as well. 

Chris is a musician, a music historian, and an avid record collector.  He has worked as an audio engineer, an arranger, and a record producer.  In the mid-1990s Chris was the Music Coordinator for A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.  He has also worked for BMI, The Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, and worked behind the scenes for many musicals and concerts in New York City. 

Ways to Connect

  Women's Words on May 12, 2013 featured an excerpt from Sarah Stonich's latest novel, Vacationland, set at a northern Minnesota lodge.

Women's Words: May 12, 2013: Sarah Stonich

Women's Words on May 5, 2013 featured playwright and UMD student Caity Shea Violette who, along with actor Daniel Novick, performs an excerpt from her play, Save the Date.

Women's Words: May 5, 2013: Caity Shea Violette

Women's Words on April 28, 2013 featured Theresa O'Halloran-Johnson of Duluth reading three poems, "Shipping Traffic," "Midwinter's Nap," and "Trillium."

Women's Words: April 28, 2013: Theresa O'Halloran-Johnson

Women's Words on April 21, 2013 featured Charmaine Donovan, reading two poems from her Northeastern Minnesota Book Award-winning publication Tumbled Dry: "Equine Appetite" and "Cat Burglar."

Women's Words: April 21, 2013: Charmaine Donovan

Women's Words on April 7, 2013 featured Sharon Chmielarz, reading three poems: "Table," "Tomatoes," and "Burning."

Women's Words: April 7, 2013: Sharon Chmielarz

Women's Words on March 31, 2013 featured Charmaine Donovan, reading two poems from her Northeastern Minnesota Book Award-winning publication Tumbled Dry: "Tumbled Dry" and "Alan on the Lam."

Women's Words: March 31, 2013: Charmaine Donovan

Women's Words on March 24, 2013 featured Mara Hart of Duluth reading an excerpt from her biography-in-progress, So Many Lovely Days, about her parents.

Women's Words: March 24, 2013: Mara Hart

Women's Words on March 17, 2013 featured Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler reading five short poems: "Big Red," "Catch and Release," "Stop and Listen," "Shirts," and "Without Walls."

Women's Words: March 17, 2013: Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler

Ann Stead
Lisa Johnson

If visions of your own sled dog team are dancing in your head, you might want to talk to an experienced musher first to find out what you're in for. We found one in Duluth's Ann Stead. (produced by Chris Harwood).

Women's Words on March 10, 2013 featured Jocelyn Pihlaja, reading her essay, Ab-solutely.

Women's Words: March 10, 2013: Jocelyn Pihlaja

When Jocelyn headed off to college, she avowed, "I'm going to be a lawyer." Then she took her first political science class and was forced to concede, "Except I hate this stuff."

Women's Words on March 3, 2013 featured Kat Mandeville, reading two poems, "Skipping to Middle Chapters for Graphic Description" and "Island Ghazal."

Women's Words: March 3, 2013: Kat Mandeville

Kat Mandeville studied at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, then at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and now studies philosophy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. In Duluth she spends her time reading, writing, waiting tables, and occasionally performing.

Women's Words on February 24, 2013 featured Christine Madeline Holm, reading two poems, "The Last Black Eye" and "Ursa Major."

Women's Words, February 24, 2013: Christine Madeline Holm

Women's Words on February 10, 2013 featured Jill Hinners of Duluth reading two poems, "Forgive Me" and "Waiting for the Northern Lights."

Women's Words: February 10, 2013: Jill Hinners

photo by Sam Alvar

Women's Words on February 3, 2013 featured Duluthian Sue Sojourner reading an excerpt from her new book Thunder of Freedom: Black Leadership and the Transformation of 1960s Mississippi that has been published this month by the University Press of Kentucky.

Women's Words: February 3, 2013: Sue Sojourner

Women's Words on January 27, 2013 featured Amy Lee, a UMD graduate student reading two poems, "Feeding the Hungry," and "Voices, Crazling, Rattling."

Women's Words: January 27, 2013: Amy Lee