05-29-2012 The Duluth Superior Film Festival

May 29, 2012

This week Radio Gallery spotlights The Duluth Superior Film Festival which runs this week May 30-June 3. The festival offers film, music and art. The Duluth Superior Film Festival is taking place all across town from Zinema, Sons Of Norway Hall, to Tycoons, PROVE Gallery, and more.

05-29-2012 The Duluth Superior Film Festival

John Hanson is an independent Film Maker & Director who has two films showing in the DSFF this weekend. His film about the Iron Range "Wildrose" shows at Zinema Friday evening at 5:20 and his award winning "Northern Lights" shows Saturday evening at 5:20 also at Zinema2 in Duluth. John WILL be on hand at both showings for a Q&A. More visiting guests to the festival include filmmakers, actors, producers and film industry professionals including: Michael Zimmer Director of "The Entertainers", Kiersten Dunbar Chace the Director of Solveig along with the subject of the film Solveig, Arneng Johnson, and this week's Radio Gallery Guest, John Hanson Director of Wildrose and Northern Lights.

Duluth Superior Film Festival

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