1/11 After school: exploring the unfamiliar, developing resilience and learning to cook

Jan 11, 2016

Credit CHUM

In some ways, the new after-school program at Duluth's Steve O'Neil Apartments is just like any other: snacks, time to study and read quietly and a place to unwind after the school day.

But the 80 kids who live there with their families don't take snacks, a clean quiet safe place to be or even having a roof over their heads for granted.  Having permanent supportive housing like the Steve O'Neil Apartments is just one tool to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

The new after-school program, implemented for the 40 or so kids who are aged five and up,  is another tool in the tool kit.  In addition to everything a "regular" after-school program provides, there are additional sessions to help teach kids how to explore the unfamiliar, how to build resilience and even how to cook healthy, tasty meals.