11/2 Live From Studio A: Sara Thomsen, Maggie Wheeler, and Emile Hassan Dyer

Oct 18, 2017

Thomsen lead her Echoes of Peace choir at the annual Duluth Sister Cities International fundraising concert, One Village Many Voices, on November 3 at St. Scholastica's Mitchell Auditorium. This year's guest performers included Wheeler, who's best known as the actress who portrayed Janice on TV's Friends. Wheeler is also a singer, songwriter, workshop facilitator. Hassan Dyer is a vocalist, percussionist, vocal improviser, and storyteller who was raised in France and Senegal and has been influenced by the music of West Africa. He and Wheeler co-founded the Golden Bridge Community Choir of Los Angeles eleven years ago. The trio joined us in the studio for a preview of the concert on  November 2.

Echoes of Peace

Duluth Sister Cities International

Maggie Wheeler

Emile Hassan Dyer