4/9 Radio Gallery: Kathy Mctavish

Apr 8, 2014

A new exhibit "Origin of Birds" opens this Friday April 11 at Pr?ve Gallery, in Duluth 7-11pm. Kathy Mctavish joins Radio Gallery to talk about her multimedia extravaganza.

4/9 Radio Gallery: Kathy Mctavish

Mctavish shares how her new project includes light, film, found sound, musical performances and tools like, data, text, and QR portals for audience interaction on their mobile devices. Although this recent work will clearly be significantly enhanced by the manner of exhibition and the interactive celebration planned for Friday, her films are available to watch online if you don't make it to the gallery. Pr?ve Gallery is located at 21 N Lake Ave in Duluth.

The Origin of Birds

Pr?ve Gallery


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