5/11 Finding Home: who are the people experiencing homelessness in the Northland?

May 11, 2015

Someone's home near Hermantown
Credit Deb Holman

The celebrated openings of the  Steve O'Neill and Lincoln Park Apartments gave our community hope that we're making headway in the effort to stop homelessness.

But not every housing option works for every situation.

This week, KUMD takes a look at the folks experiencing homelessness in the Northland: who are they?  Why don't they have homes?  What are their options?

In this first part of our series, CHUM Outreach Director Deb Holman talks about the different kinds of people experiencing homelessness in our community.  And she says although new housing has opened up for children and families, there is still a real lack of housing for single men and women.