5/19 Lincoln Park Middle School is outgrowing its reputation

May 19, 2015

Credit Schplook/Flickr

Kids at Lincoln Park Middle School aren't getting suspended nearly as often as they used to.

In fact, the number of days students were suspended has dropped by more than half in just one year.

Rumors and misinformation, helped along by social media, aren't painting a true picture of the school, especially these days, says Principal Brenda Vatthauer, who's wrapping up her first year at Lincoln Park.

She's instituted a lot of changes.  "Referral rooms" - out, "focus walks" - in.  "Hours at a desk" - out, "active recess" - in.  "Discipline only approach" -  out, "incentives for attendance and academic and behavioral performance" -  in.

And it seems to be working.