5/25 Preparedness for disasters, emergencies begins at home

May 25, 2015

Photographer Josh Putnam writes: BNSF oil train, Auburn, WA. Nearly two miles of oil cars, stretching from downtown Auburn most of the way to the White River bridge. Any significant accident for this train would quickly overwhelm the resources of a city the size of Auburn, let alone its smaller neighbors like Pacific, pop. 6,600.
Credit joshua_putnam'Flickr

Floods, fires, benzene spills ... when there's a disaster in the Northland, the emergency preparedness, management and response folks are the ones we count on to keep us safe.

Last week, many of those professionals attended the Under One Roof conference.  Tony Guerra is the Readiness Coordinator for the American Red Cross in Duluth and he was one of the attendees.

A couple of the take-aways? 

  • have on hand food, water, medicine and cash to last your family and pets 72 hours
  • the traffic of oil being moved via train through Minnesota has gone up 900% in recent years - and more and more communities are concerned about responding to a spill and/or fire that might require evacuation