8/6 Radio Gallery: Found Footage Festival

Aug 5, 2014

This week on Radio Gallery we preview the hilarious Found Footage Festival coming to Duluth for one night only, Monday August 11, at Zinema 2, Duluth's independent movie theater.

8/6 Radio Gallery: Found Footage Festival

From the best of the VHS era, co-creator Nick Prueher has gathered the strangest, most embarrassing, and comical series of videos. The annual collection is edited down into what they call The Found Footage Festival. In it's 10th year, the festival is reviving some of the best videos from the 80's when everyone thought they could make a buck on the next best thing through video. Who knew these would be artful, hilarious treasures unearthed at Minneapolis garage sales and thrift stores across the country, would debut on the big screen. This is not an evening to miss!

The Found Footage Fest

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