Backyard Almanac - here comes the sun ... sorta

Dec 22, 2017

Credit storebukkebruse/Flickr

We've celebrated the Winter Solstice and the turning toward the sun. (Plus heard Larry's favorite holiday tune: read more about it here)

The sunsets are already becoming later, but it will take a while for the sunrises to get cracking a little sooner.

Here's a fun chart that lets you scroll down quickly and watch the sunrise starts pick up speed ... and the sunsets move backwards, too (you can add your location to get your own results):

January 2018 - Duluth, Minnesota - Sunrise and sunset calendar

Spoiler alert: in Duluth, the sun rises 18 minutes earlier between January 1 and 31 ... and we gain 37 minutes of daylight at the end of the day in the same time period.  Which is 55 more minutes of daylight by the end of next month, for those of us who care about that kind of thing.