Backyard Almanac - patches of goldenrod: "there's crazy critters in there!"

Aug 25, 2017

Jagged Ambush Bug. Best. Ninja. Name. EVER.
Credit ©Sparky Stensaas. Used with permission.

Special guest star Sparky Stensaas sits in for Larry Weber this morning, and talks about one of Larry's favorite plants: the much-maligned goldenrod.

For one thing, Larry says most people aren't allergic to goldenrod; they're allergic to ragweed.

And Sparky, who published Larry's book In A Patch of Goldenrods last year, gives us details on its denizens that are nothing to sneeze at.

Humpbacked fly seeks sanctuary in a patch of goldenrod. Sanctuary, get it?
Credit ©Sparky Stensaas. Used with permission.