Caring & Sharing: AICHO providing benefits to Native and non-Native community alike

Dec 8, 2016

Dr. Robert Powless and kids at the Gimaajii Center
Credit AICHO

AICHO (American Indian Community Housing Organization) is looking after 175 people at the moment, providing culturally specific help for families and individuals struggling with domestic abuse, homelessness and poverty.

More and more people in the non-Native community are becoming familiar with AICHO, thanks to their exploding presence as a showcase for Native art and artists, and Daryl Olson, a domestic violence/sexual assault training specialist, says the community - Native and non-Native alike, can help the organization by getting involved through attending events and volunteerism.

AICHO is in need of volunteers, Native and non-Native.  They're also welcoming cash and donations of furniture and household goods to help families getting on their feet.  For more information, contact AICHO, Daryl Olson or Josh Buck  at 218.722.7225 or .