Caring & Sharing: Northern MN Red Cross - forget the donations; smoke detectors save lives

Dec 15, 2016

Credit John M. Cropper/Flickr

The Northern Minnesota chapter of the American Red Cross was established in 1915 here in the Northland, and none other than Chester Congdon became the first vice chairman of the organization.  That's 101 years of accepting donations of blood and sweat, and drying tears.

Even so, Community Chapter Executive Dan Williams turns down a chance to ask for donations, preferring instead to make an impassioned plea for folks to make sure they have working smoke detectors.  And that means replacing units that are over ten years old, not just changing the batteries.

You can find more information about the Northern Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross here.  And you can get more information about the local chapter's partnership with the Duluth Fire Department, plus sign up to get free smoke alarms installed in your home here.