Disease or dessert: why pets don't belong at the Beargrease

Jan 26, 2018

Three-pound Elfi is a snack waiting to happen for the wrong sled dog

"The Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is all about dogs," you say.  "So of course my dog is welcome, right?"

Beargrease organizers say please, leave your pet at home.

Two words: disease and dessert.

There are thousands of dollars and days invested in creating a competitive sled dog team, an investment that could be down the tubes if a sled dog picks up a bug from an unvaccinated or sick pet.

And while Alaskan huskies (a common sled dog you'll see at the Beargrease) are a mix of breeds, many include Siberian Husky, a dog with a strong prey drive that's frequently not recommended as a pet in homes with cats and smaller dogs.

In other words, that little dog you smuggled in under your coat could be in danger.

Keep all the dogs safe this weekend.  Pet the sled dogs and let your own dogs sniff your mittens when you come home!