Jul 7, 2016

Credit Cecilia Sánchez Sánchez/Flickr

Coming soon to a hipster* hang-out near you ... Uber.**

*[hip-ster] Referring to young people of around 18-30 years of age, who drink cheap beer (most often Pabst Blue Ribbon, on occasion Budwiser), smoke Parliaments, Lucky Strikes or hard to obtain foreign cigarettes (such as Gauloises). Use a great deal of sarcasm, claim to be ironic. Are usually less than 5% body fat, drink copious amounts of coffee and eat children's cereal.  Wear a mixture of thrifted clothing and items bought at American Apparel (commonly Tri-blend v-necks) and Urban Outfitters. Eschew public transport and instead choose to ride fixed-brake bikes. Often claim to know about literature and film - will have googled a good deal of Vonnegut and French New Wave cinema. (UrbanDictionary.com)

[oo-ber] Uber is a ridesharing service based in San Francisco. The company uses a smartphone application to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. (UrbanDictionary.com)

And just for fun ... here is a little illustrative tale from the folks at McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Are You My Uber? by Aaron Devine.