Green Visions: Get hoppin' - the Minnesota DNR needs you

Apr 5, 2017

Credit Minnesota DNR

Even if you don't understand a word your friend Jeremiah the bullfrog says, the DNR still wants you to listen to him.  

Actually, they're looking for volunteers all across the state to spend  a little time this weekend being "citizen scientists" and, just as with various bird counts through the year, listening for frog and toad calls and jotting down data. (And there are still some routes open up here in our neck of the woods)

This is the 21st year of the survey - and the statewide volunteers who make it possible.  And this year, there's even an app.

Here's more information about the survey.

Here's the link to the survey map, where you can also sign up for a route:

Test your knowledge and listen to frog calls here.