Green Visions: a good walk ... made even better

Aug 16, 2017

The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail in Vermont. Commemorating the poet's work, several of his Frost's poems are mounted along the trail in the woods and fields.
Credit Amy/Flickr

I wish I had the means

to give all the north back to itself, to let the pines

rise in the hayfield and the lilacs go wild.

But then where would we live?

                        from Hartley Field by Connie Wanek

Few things, perhaps, go so well with a walk in the woods as poetry.

The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail in Vermont is a perfect example.  In fact, it served as the inspiration for the Connie Wanek Wildflower Trail at Hartley Park,  due to be dedicated August 26 by Duluth Poet Laureate Ellie Schoenfeld.