Green Visions: write this down

May 2, 2018

Orphaned infant squirrels at Wildwoods need to be fed up to five times a day, with the amount of formula increasing as they grow
Credit ©Lisa Johnson

Many wild animal moms leave their babies alone for lengths of time human moms would never consider.

Unlike two-legged mothers who love to show off their kids, animal moms disappear so they don't draw attention from predators to their little ones.

It's just one of the many ways caring for baby animals seems counter-intuitive to humans, and mistakes on our part can have fatal consequences. Luckily for us, help is just a click - or a phone call away.

Having Wildwoods' number in your phone lets you get information before you take action.

  •   Wildwoods: 218‑491‑3604
  •   Stone River Wildlife Control: 218-269-0944

More information is also available online at Wildwoods' Does This Animal Need Help? page