The Hunt for the Frozen 45 is set to begin 2/18

Feb 12, 2018

The Hunt for the Frozen 45
Credit Emma Rothwell

The Hunt for the Frozen 45 begins February 18th! We have hidden the golden record, will you be the one to find it?

Now it is your mission to search UMD's campus, find the medallion, and bring it back to the KUMD station, located in the basement of the Humanities building. Accomplish this and become the winner of The Duluth Starter Pack (camping hammock, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and other outdoor essentials) and four tickets to see Dessa at SOUND in Duluth.

Tune into The Basement every night after 9pm for clues to help narrow your search, starting with Hip-Hop Hotdish on 2/18. Clues will be posted on Basement social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after midnight. Stay warm and good luck!

Sponsored by UMD Stores, Pizza Luce. The Electric Fetus, and The Reader. 

Frozen 45 Contest Rules