Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: Understanding Historical Trauma

Jul 11, 2016

Medical school faculty, staff, and community members at the retreat that helped form the new Indigenous Health Curriculum.
Credit ©Derek Jennings

Many European Americans have a hard time understanding the concept of "historical trauma."

After all, if something happened decades or even hundreds of years ago, it's over; "move on," right?

The Australian Human Rights Commission explains historical trauma as  "the devastating trauma of genocide, loss of culture, and forcible removal from family and communities ... all unresolved and ... a sort of ‘psychological baggage... continuously being acted out and recreated..."

And if you're Jewish ... or African American ... or Native American ... the ripples of those experiences are still being lived today.

Our series, Journey to Wellness in Indian Country, was produced in part by Nathan Ratner and this episode originally aired March 14, 2016.