KUMD Album Review: Matt and Kim

Apr 23, 2015

Matt and Kim, New Glow

YOLO has never sounded so good! Matt and Kim have been busy reworking their flow into a brand new dance anthem album, New Glow. As a follow up to 2012’s Lightning, this junior album is a dancy take on their already pop-glow music form.

The starter to the album, “Hey Now,” forms a jazzy take on swag with keyboard horns creating an astounding rhythm to groove to. The following track, “Stirred Up,” will get you all stirred up as one of their few slow jams on the album. Unfortunately, this song goes on way too long and could get the point across in half the time. “Can You Blame Me” hits on their older sound while influences from their new pop movement are obviously showing through a groove-tastic synth organ. The fourth track, “Hoodie On,” makes you want to turn up with a hoodie on. You can tell that Matt and Kim obviously don’t give a flying f*@# about being popular with this repetitive and bass heavy track. The next track “Make a Mess” has the signature YOLO line, “Let’s make a mess cause we’ve been clean for way too long,” while tapping classical SEGA sounds for a video game feel. This track is sure to be featured in Wreck It Ralph 2 at least three times. Things calm down for a while until track eight comes in; “Get It” is by far the best and danciest jam on the album, and the track conveniently lays out all the poor YOLO decisions that any delinquent could choose at 1:00 A.M. This song is great for the hours later into the party when everyone is a pretty tipsy, and you want a track you can definitely dance to but it doesn’t punch you in the face with EDM or hard rock. The following and remaining two songs are the Lynyrd Skynyrd “Tuesday’s Gone” of the YOLO/SWAG generation, basically morning after songs or the post Tomorrowland/Electric Daisy Festival songs.

All in all this is a terrific album for a veteran or a novice to the Matt and Kim canon and is ideal for any rave you hope to throw in your basement. In due time, this album will be getting blasted across your entire house by your 12 year-old sister—of that there is no question. Matt and Kim are definitely embracing the younger crowds that are flocking to their music, and this latest album is surely a new direction that they are going to follow for albums to come. 

RIYL | Passion Pit, Walk the Moon, Grouplove
Top Tracks | Get It, Hey Now, Hoodie On, Make a Mess

Special thanks to Tyrell Jones Johnson for contribution on review