KUMD's Go-to Gigs

Oct 13, 2017

Big Wave Dave & the Ripples
Credit www.bigwavedaveandtheripples.com

Band: Big Wave Dave & the Ripples
Description: Big Funk, Big Soul, Big Wave Dave
Venue: The Rex Bar
Time: Friday, October 13th - 10:00 PM
Age: 21+
Cost: $5

Band:  Rich Mattson and the Northstars
Description:  Alt-country
Venue:  The Cedar Lounge
Time:  Friday, October 13 | 8pm
Age:  21+
Cost:  Free

Band: The Boomchucks, The Pitchafits, and Rick Mclean
Description: Rock n' Roll all night with a killer lineup. Prepare yourselves for a night you won't soon forget
Venue: R.T. Quinlan's
Time: Saturday, October 14th - 9:00 PM
Age: 21+
Cost: $5

Band: The Miami Dolphins, Dark Underbelly, and Raw Space
Description: These Punk Rock and Progressive Rock bands will make you beg for more. Local DJ Raw Space fills the musicless void between sets with fat beats 
Venue: Blush
Time: Friday, October 13th - 8:00 PM
Age: 18+
Cost: $5

Band: Dan the Monkey Man Kid's Show
Description: Go wild with Dan the Monkey Man. Bring the kids to sing, dance, and play along with the man (Dan)!
Venue: Beaner's Central 
Time: Saturday, October 14th - 3:00 PM
Age: All
Cost: Free

The Basement Picks:

Band: GeTToBLaSTeR, DJ Shaman, DJ AD, and DJ Silly
Description: Over the top sound system blasting out House and Techno. The Chicago and Detroit Underground influenced DJs pair up with some local disk jockey heroes for a show that is definitely worth the future hearing loss
Venue: The Red Herring
Time: Saturday, October 14th - 8:00 PM
Age: 18+
Cost: $10 at door, $5 Student Discount

Band: Barbaro, Silly, Cap'n Seabeard, DJ Delgado, Boost, Lo-Hi Funk, Jaze, DJR, 2G's, DJ Shaman, and KMC
Description: Legacy Glassworks 7th Anniversary Shindig. A 12 hour non stop party with nothing but choice Alternative Hip Hop. Celebrate like you mean it.
Venue: Legacy Glassworks
Time: Saturday. October 14th - 11:00 AM
Age: 18+
Cost: Free

Band: Katana Da Don, C-Silence, and Jae Havoc
Description: Incorporating a fusion of Rap, Hip Hop, and Soul, the three artists are bringing back that old hip hop sound we all know and loveVenue: Blush
Time: Saturday, October 14th - 9:00 PM
Age: 18+
Cost: $5