Lake Superior mural is shining a light on local talent

Jun 28, 2018

CHOICE Unlimited Mural in Duluth by Maria Brown and 12 additional local artists
Credit Maija Jenson

CHOICE Unlimited has partnered with St. Louis County to share a new public art project, a beautiful Lake Superior mural.  We hear from contributing artist Cody and Maria Brown, the lead artist of the recently installed mural. With the participation of over a dozen artists, the Lake Superior shore scene was developed by committee and created one piece at a time by those involved in the ARTS program at CHOICE Unlimited.

Choice Unlimited is "dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities and individuals who are experiencing barriers to employment and community inclusion," according to their website. To this end they offer employment services and vocational training but also value and offer classes in the arts including creative writing, dance, theater and fine arts. The arts classes are a favorite with many and this new piece work illustrates the talent of Brown and this community of artists.

The new mural is on display in Duluth on first floor of the Government Services Center.

CHOICE Unlimited