Local musicians Maxi Childs and Robyn Rohweder on the Women's Music Show

Dec 1, 2017

Robyn, Liz, and Maxi
Credit Jeff Jarvinen

On November 19, 2017, Women's Music Show host Liz brought two local female performers, Maxi Childs and Robyn Rohweder, into the studio for a fun conversation about their time in music.

Childs  has a regular gig with The Maxi Childs Trio at Black Water Lounge, Wednesday through Saturday, 6 - 10 pm, and was also in the local band The Pot Bellied Stallions. Rohweder performs in the rock band Traction and was also in The Mike Meier Band, Cross Country, Guilty, and Almost Seven.  Both women graduated from Proctor High School two years apart from each other, and each started in music when they were young - Childs at 5 years of age & Rowhweder at 12.  Childs was awarded Miss Minnesota Country 1994 and Rohweder's band recorded two albums in California with noted producer Scott Matthews.