Minnesota's Ninja Warrior: drenched but not defeated

Jul 4, 2017

Angus, Roo and Johnny
Credit Roo Yori

Andrew "Roo" Yori might have been out but he's not down.

The Rochester man's sophomore appearance on the reality competition show American Ninja Warrior saw him triumph over obstacles like "Floating Steps" and "Broken Pipes," ... only to be brought "low by the lache" on something called "Crank It Up."

If he's disappointed not to make it to the city finals as he did in his rookie year, 2016, though, he's not letting on.

The K-9 Ninja is back to working on endurance, trying to get some more "Ninja Warrior stuff" in the Rochester gyms where he trains, devoting himself to pitbull rescue and even turning part of his workout regimen into awareness-raising about the suicide rate among veterans.

More information about the 22 Pushup Challenge is available on Roo's Facebook page.

Information about veterans in crisis and where to go for help can be found at Veterans Crisis Line, 22 Kill, and locally, at 23rd Veteran.