MN Reads: "Fishing With RayAnne" by Ava Finch

Sep 29, 2016

Ava Finch is a character in her own right.

She's forty-something with red, curly hair.  She's been described as "bodacious" and "in your face," which may or may not conflict with your sense of what a Canadian is like.

And she's written a book called "Fishing with RayAnne," the story of a thirty-something former pro angler who's launching an all-woman fishing/talk show on public television from the deck of her salmon-colored vintage AquaCraft, Penelope.

The only thing is, Ava Finch, the bodacious first-time novelist is really Sara Stonich, a slightly older, third- or fourth-time novelist and mid-lister.

But despite the wackiness of Rayanne and Ava, it's Sarah who has the manuscript - in the form of a television pilot - being shopped around even as we speak.

Sarah and Ava are also hard at work on the second book in the RayAnne trilogy, Reeling.

And here's the article Sarah wrote about Ava on the Goodreads website.