No pet left behind: St Louis County has one of two Pet Disaster Relief trailers in Minnesota

Apr 13, 2017

Credit St Louis County/Duluth Kennel Club

Hurricane Katrina changed a lot of things in this country.

Since 2006, the year after the storm, federal law says emergency preparedness plans need to be in place for both people and their pets.

There are two Pet Disaster Relief trailers in Minnesota, equipped with everything needed to create, basically, an emergency animal shelter next to one for people.  One trailer is in Anoka county and the other is here in St. Louis county.

For more information about St. Louis County's Pet Disaster Relief trailer, plans and training, contact Emergency Management Coordinator Duane Johnson at 218-726-2936.

More information about the American Kennel Club's Pet Disaster Relief eff0rts and AKC Reunite are here.