Radio Gallery 02-03-10: James Grittner

Feb 1, 2010

James Grittner will be talking with Radio Gallery about his long time career in ceramics, as well as his experience in teaching many of Duluth's local artists. He will also be telling us a little bit about "Clay Country: Snout of the Wolf," an exhibition which goes from Febuary 8th to April 30.

Radio Gallery 02-03-10: James Grittner

Hosted by Maija Morton

The Snout of the Wolf is a term people use when referring to the area around the north shore of Lake Superior. Grittner, 47 year art teacher at UW Superior, chose several clay artists from the north shore area, making "Clay Country: Snout of the Wolf" the quintessential name for this exhibition. Grittner talks about his past experiences and the upcoming exhibition on Radio Gallery.

Grittner at UW Superior
Grittner's Recent Exhibitions
Clay Country: Snout of the Wolf

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