Radio Gallery 02-10-10: Tammy Sopinski Perlman

Feb 8, 2010

Tammy Sopinski has been the associate for Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for four years. In her recent interview with Radio Gallery, Sopinski told us that she has been anticipating the ''Foot in the Door'' exhibition since she started there.

Radio Gallery 02-10-10: Tammy Sopinski Perlman

Hosted by Maija Morton

The "Foot in the Door" exhibition has been a decennial exhibition at MIA since 1980. To submit a work, one must be from Minnesota and consider him or herself to be an artist, and the work must fit in a twelve inch square box. The show opened on February 18th with the "Foot in the Door" premiere. To hear more about the "Foot in the Door," listen as Tammy Sopinski gives us some of the history to the show and describes the atmosphere of the exhibition.

Foot in the Door
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program

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