Radio Gallery 07-13-2011: John Beltman

Jul 13, 2011

John Beltman joins Radio Gallery to talk about the art and tradition of woodwork and boatbuilding in celebration of the 2011 Duluth Music & Maritime Festival. The festival takes place July 15th-18th with live music entertainment, food, fun, and the historic tall ships.

Radio Gallery 07-13-2011: John Beltman

On July 15th-18th Duluth's waterfront will be celebrating the 2011 Duluth Music & Maritime Festival which is a 3 day celebration with music, tall ships, and Sail-A-Ways. This week on Radio Gallery John Beltman, a master woodworker, shares the tradition of woodworking and the process of boatbuilding. Beltman has been trained as a boatbuilder and has previously built wood canvas canoes. He currently teaches classes at the North House Folk School that focuses on traditional methods and creativity. The message Beltman provides for Radio Gallery and his students is that anyone can learn how to build a boat with the right training. The Duluth Music & Maritime Festival celebrates this tradition of woodwork and boat building with entertainment, food, and fun for all.

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