Radio Gallery 12-21-2011: Pr?ve Gallery

Dec 27, 2011

Radio Gallery welcomes co-founder and installation artist Tony Zappa to talk about Duluth's new contemporary Gallery in the Son's of Norway building here in downtown Duluth.

Radio Gallery 12-21-2011: Tony Zappa

Young artists in Duluth have banded together to expand the opportunities for emerging artists with a new hip space. PR?VE Gallery's mission is "to present monthly gallery shows, collaborate with like-minded arts organizations, provide an arts retail environment, and grant outreach opportunity in conjunction with the new Nordic Center" After just 2 exhibitions, the feed back is positive and has created a buzz in the scene. Pr?ve Gallery is located at 21 N. Lake Ave. on the ground floor in the Sons of Norway Building. Look for the upcoming exhibit in January, "Fields."

Pr?ve Gallery

Pr?ve Gallery on

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