Radio Gallery 12-30-09: Best shows up

Dec 30, 2009

Host Maija Morton shares her top 5 Minnesota exhibitions, which wrapped up in January. Plus information on Minnesota's largest art exhibition, the Foot in the Door 4, which happens every 10 years and is open to all Minnesota artists.

Radio Gallery 12-30-09: Best Shows Up

Hosted by Maija Morton

Some of the top shows for the end of 2009 that Morton lists are Michael Kareken's "Scrap," "Star Wallowing Bull," the "UMD Art and Design Faculty Exhibition," the "Louvre and the Masterpiece," "Commuter," and the "Foot in The Door."

Art drop-off and registration Thursday-Sunday, February 4-7 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Minneapolis Institute of Art 2400 third Ave South, Minneapolis
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Links to exhibitions coming down in January 2010

Star Wallowing Bull

Michael Karaken's show "Scrap"

Louvre & the Masterpiece

Tweed Museum of Art

"Foot in the Door 4" exhibit

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