Radio Gallery: Dora Jung

Sep 13, 2017

Finnish weaver, artist and textile designer; Dora Jung
Credit Dr. Tuomas Sopanen

Dora Jung may not be a name you know but as a famous Finnish artists and textile designer, Finnish -Americans in Minnesota's may recognize their roots in her work. 

Dora worked through World war II and became world famous for her linen woven designs, what some call paintings in linen.  Her work is strong yet delicate, cultural yet universal.  Her work has had a lasting impact on the Finnish arts and the culture of textiles in Finland.

Minnesota based textile artist and curator Anita Jain who is originally from Finland is bringing the work of Dora Jain through Duluth this weekend for a brief two-hour pop-up as it travels from Michigan to Minneapolis for FinnFest.  The Dora Jung work is brought here by Jain's art organization "Common Strands" and will be at the On The Rocks Art Studio & Gallery on Saturday, September 16 from 1-3 p.m.

This has been a big year for Finland, celebrating 100 years of independence, and here in Minnesota this heritage is strong and being celebrated in Minnesota, here in Duluth and beyond.  The collection Dora Jung's work is being shared by Dr. Tuomas Sopanen who has graciously brought this iconic artists work to Minnesota for us to enjoy and learn from.

Common Strands