Radio Gallery: Duluth Pottery

Oct 17, 2017

Credit Karin Kraemer

Longtime Twin Ports ceramic artist Karin Kraemer is celebrating the opening of a location for Duluth Pottery & Tile on Saturday, October 25.  Duluth Pottery, Superior Division has lived in the Old trade and Commerce Building in Superior along with the Spirit Room and The Red Mug Coffee House and Gallery for many years and is just settling into Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood at 1924 W. Superior Street.

This summer, Kraemer began the arduous task of renovating P& J Paint on West Superior street.  Now with a fresh paint job and a refurbished and open space, the Gallery and workshop is opening to the public.  Duluth Pottery is in good company, the block is home to many new businesses including O.M.C. Smokehouse, Frost River and the not so new Bent Paddle Brewing with more on the way. 

Saturday's celebration includes art, music, food and friends.  Duluth Pottery will open its doors at 2 p.m., the reception kicks off at 5 p.m. with music from Cousin Dad at 8 p.m.

Duluth Pottery Opening