Radio Gallery: Duluth Pottery & Tile

Nov 21, 2017

The work of Karin Kraemer and Pat Joyelle at Zeitgesit Arts Cafe

Karin Kraemer who recently celebrated the opening of her new Lincoln Park location is showing her work at Zeitgeist Arts Café alongside colleague and tile maker Pat Joyelle. Kraemer paints in the Majolica tradition making for colorful and vibrant paintings and patterns often inspired by the natural world. The two have collaborated on the Duluth Grill Coffee mugs and Joyelle brings her painting to life on colorful tiles as well.

Duluth Pottery, Superior Division has lived in the Old trade and Commerce Building in Superior along with the Spirit Room and The Red Mug Coffee House and Gallery for many years and is just settling into Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood at 1924 W. Superior Street.

With a new show up in Duluth, we revisit my conversation with Kraemer from this fall. You can see the ceramic works of Karin Kraemer and Pat Joyelle of Duluth Pottery and Tile at Zeitgeist Arts Café.

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe

Duluth Pottery and Tile