Radio Gallery: Free Range Film Festival

Jul 26, 2016

From the Free Range Film Festival 2014 trailer by John Akre

This Friday and Saturday, folks will be gathering in a barn in Wrenshall for the Annual Free Range Film Festival, happening every year since 2004.   Over 35 films, long and short, local and from far away will be shown in a delightfully funky barn over two days.  The films are not all shorts but there are a lot in the mix.  The festival opens Friday at 7pm with a short called Free Associates by John Akre, "an animated treatise on the right of free association, the best right of all." according to their website. Akre  who has shown here before, is a longtime animator in Minneapolis. He joins us on radio gallery to share the experience of making cartoons and being a part of this creative community.

The Free Range Film Festival showings include 5 blocks of films, Friday, July 29 at 7 & 9 pm, and Saturday a 2pm, 7pm & 9:30 showtimes.  Check out their website for a full schedule.

John Akre

Free Range Film Festival Schedule