Radio Gallery: In Situ

Sep 19, 2017

Total Warmth
Credit Lee Englund

Artists work in many spaces and places, and one new exhibit goes to show you just such a space. 

In Situ which describes something situated in its  natural, original, or existing place, is the apt title of the cooperative group of painters going up on display at the Duluth Art Institute this month.  Yes, the painters themselves will end up as a part of this studio-setting exhibit. 

Seven artists from Studio 101, located downtown Duluth at 101 Bob Dylan Way in Duluth, will be live-painting at the Duluth Art Institute on Wednesdays and their work will live in a studio like setting through the end of October.  There will be works by all the artists on display within a recreation of the studio space itself. 

Joining us on Radio Gallery are two of the painters, Lee Englund and Constance Johnson.  Also in the show is Dorthea Diver, Goran Hellekant, Cot LaFond, Dale Lucas and Larry Turbes. 

In Situ is on display at the Duluth Art Institute Friday September 15 - October 27.  Opening Celebration and reception happens September 28, 5-7p.m.

Live painting events will be September 20 & 27 as well as October 4, 11, 18 & 25.

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Lee Englund

Constance Johnson