Radio Gallery: Tony Adams

Jun 28, 2017

Handmade wood box guitar
Credit Anthony Adams

Anthony Adams was a reluctant artist.  His wood working began with the need for a walking stick which spawned a new creative life.  Friend Dave Lynus challenged him to make a musical instrument and Adams never looked back.  He started by making a recycled materials guitar and now has made countless stringed instruments from cellos to ukuleles, a violin and a slide guitar as well as flutes and more.  Inspired by the endless creative ideas musical instruments offer, he admits he doesn't really play but loves to see them brought to life in the hands of musicians.  His instruments will be on display at the Duluth Coffee company  through the summer with an opening reception on July 3.  Monday's opening will include some live musical demonstrations from 5-7pm.  The Duluth Coffee Company is located at 105 E. Superior Street in Duluth. 

Tony Adams Natural Wood Treasures

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