Sonny Knight Interview

Jun 23, 2016

Twin Cities soul singer Sonny Knight's first album was named I'm Still Here;  Knight says it refers to "the fact that I'm still here to do what I do is like a blessing to me." We talked with Knight, a Vietnam veteran, about his long road to releasing his first album under his own name at the age of 65-his beginnings singing music in church in Mississippi (where he grew up before moving to St. Paul), the bands he performed with on and off along the way, and the show where the owners of Secret Stash records saw him for the first time. That meeting led to the pairing of Knight with solid backing band the Lakers,; together they've toured the world and released two successful albums with a third on the way. KUMD's Christine Dean talked with Knight before the band's show at Duluth's Red Herring Lounge on June 23, 2016.