Speak Up and Speak Out: Including the Underserved in the Comprehensive Plan

Feb 28, 2017

From the Transportation Background Profile of Duluth’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (modified).
Credit City of Duluth

Duluth's Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted 11 years ago by the City of Duluth  to put forth future considerations for land development, utility infrastructure, transportation, and parks and trails. However, some Duluthians feel that the plan does not go far enough to address the needs of the underserved in Duluth.  We have a conversation with Salaam Witherspoon, a member of the executive board of the Duluth branch of the NAACP and the chair of the Speak Up And Speak Out Campaign.  They are holding a meeting tomorrow evening at 5:30 at the historic Old Central Building in Duluth to discuss how the Comprehensive Land Use Plan can more thoroughly consider factors such as affordable housing and improvements to public transportation.