Tips for Hardy Gardeners - planting a tree acknowledges "you're where you want to be"

Sep 19, 2017

Credit lundy | hive/Flickr

Want to plant a tree?  Tom Kasper says the first thing is to look up.  Power or phone lines in the way?*  Relocate your tree.

Then look down.  Is it a swampy or low-lying area? Might need to pick another spot.

There's spirituality in planting a tree, Tom says ... but an alert KUMD listener says, there could be a misdemeanor, too!

KUMD listener Ken Olson is also a retired phone installer.  Even if your phone lines don't connect to a landline any more, he warns they're still the property of the phone company, and cutting them is illegal - and could result in a misdemeanor charge.

He recommends calling the phone company if you have questions and asking them to move or disconnect the lines if they're no longer in service.  Thanks for the call, Ken!