Turning Unwanted Apples into Needed Employment

Aug 18, 2017

Aimee Foster from Community Action Duluth talks about their efforts to collect extra and unwanted apples for making Fruit Bits, a transitional employment program that turns otherwise unused apples into healthful and affordable fruit leathers sold at local stores.

Do you have extra apples, or know where to find unwanted apples?  Don’t let the deer eat them – let Community Acton Duluth collect them instead!  They'd like to collect a mix of any and all sweet and tangy apples that aren’t rotten or tiny; they will harvest the apples.  Contact Aimee at 218-726-1665, ext. 238 (aimee@communityactionduluth.org) or Stephen at 218-726-1665, ext. 223 (stephen@communityactionduluth.org)