"Unlicensed experimental broadcasts" and more - KUMD: the early years

Jun 6, 2017

Left to Right: S.Isaacson, S. Mononen, T. Filiatrault, J. Rupkalvis, J. Fredson, E. Johnson, L. Powell, W. Harnish, M. Hemmerling, R. Sylvester, D. Ganter
Credit UMD Library ~ Radio Club

16 2/3 RPM records (yes, that is a real thing), give-away classical music, a cast-off teletype and a donated, out-moded transmitter.

These days, John Rupkalvis calls Burbank, California home, but in 1958, he was busy with the rest of the UMD Radio Club, scrounging to outfit their new campus radio station, KUMD.

And in honor of our 60th Anniversary celebration, John shares some of his memories of that time with KUMD Program Director Maija Jenson.