Where's Art? with Annie Dugan

Mar 28, 2016

Credit Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

Annie Dugan's wonky cell phone created a cliff-hanger this morning.

After mentioning Sarah Brokke's Art History lecture this evening, Daniela Sandler's talk tomorrow as part of UMD's Visual Culture Lecture Series, Brett Grandson's demonstration of platinum printing as part of the Darkroom lab at the DAI, Annie talked about setting up for the One River, Many Stories project.

Ivy Vainio's photography show is part of the project.  And then Annie said, "What we're asking the community --"

And that was it.  End of cell phone connection.

What the DAI is asking the community (we found out later) is to share stories, photos and experiences of the river before the opening of the exhibition next Monday, April 4.  Find out how you can add your story to the map of the river here.