Where's Art? with Annie Dugan - missing Bentleyville? Many immersive experiences still available!

Jan 1, 2018

Credit Kohei Kanno/Flickr

Annie Dugan counts down the best art experiences of 2017 (one you can still attend) and offers some tips for bringing art into the most mundane aspects of our everyday lives:

10) Karin Kraemer's new shop in Lincoln Park's craft district

9)  the opening of the Duluth Folk School

8) the breakthrough of local artist/pro wrestler Joe Klander

7)  Prøve Gallery's Shady Rest

6) the opening of new spaces, like Blush, which melds music and art

5) the opening of the Joseph Nease Gallery in downtown Duluth

4) the Feminist Action Collective's WTF! Exhibit

3) Sharon Louden and Wendy Red Star's talk on the artist as "cultural producer"

2) Jonell Jaime Logan's talk on who's let in and who's left out of the art canon

and (you can still see this one)

1) Kathy McTavish's Chance at the Tweed