Women in Rock-Ione Tomasetti and Lorene Couture on the Women's Music Show

Nov 7, 2017

In a year that saw the launch of Duluth's first all-female music festival, FeMNfest, we look back at a time when women weren't such a commonplace part of the music scene. Liz Minette talks with Ione Tomasetti of Iron Range band Renown and Duluth's Lorene Couture of bands Hostage and Legacy about their time in music, from their first-ever gigs to giving words of encouragement to a young Bob Dylan (then Bobby Zimmerman) after watching him get booed off the stage during a talent show to hearing their songs on the radio for the first time. We also share their band's big hits, Hostage's "Making My Move" and Renown's "My Mind's Made Up."