Women's Words: November 25, 2012: Sheila Packa

Nov 22, 2012

Women's Words on November 25, 2012 featured Sheila Packa, a former Duluth poet laureate, who read three poems, "Vermillion Trail, " "Not Forgotten," and "Fox, No Longer Hidden."

Women's Words: November 25, 2012: Sheila Packa

Sheila Packa writes about northern Minnesota. She was Duluth's Poet Laureate 2010-2012, and she teaches writing at Lake Superior College. See her website and blog about poetry process at www.sheilapacka.com

"The Vermilion Trail" was published in her book, The Mother Tongue (Calyx Press), "Not Forgotten" was published in Cloud Birds (Wildwood River). "Fox, No Longer Hidden" is in the anthology, When We Become Weavers (Squares and Rebels).

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