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Weekdays during Music Through the Day

Live performance and interviews with local, regional, and national artists.

Live from Studio A on KUMD is made possible by Ampers and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


Thursday, September 27 at 2:30pm | Red Tail Ring

Ways to Connect

Listen to our session from June 3, 2014 with this young Duluth acoustic band. They perform on Friday, June 6 at 6pm at Pete Fest at Beaner's Central in Duluth.

Acoustic folk band, Cowboy Angel Blue, joined us for our live session May 29, 2014. They played us a few tunes, including covers of Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs, and talked about the origins of their musical duo.

Listen to our session with this eclectic local folk/bluegrass band, Black River Revue, from June 13, 2014. They played a set of tunes and discussed they newly released album, Spring Thaw.

Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Brianna Lane, joined us in studio on May 20, 2014. She was joined by banjo player Blake Thomas and they performed a few songs and talked about upcoming projects.

Listen to our Live from Studio A session from May 1, 2014 with an artist from this year's Homegrown Music Festival. George Ellsworth has performed at the festival previously with many local bands, including James & Younger and Snobarn, but this is his first year as a solo artist.

George Ellsworth
Brother George

During Homegrown Week on KUMD we had a session with this progressive guitar rock group made up of local music veterans from April 30, 2014. They talk about how they all got together to form the band and play a few of their songs.

Thunder Brothers on Reverbnation

We kicked off our Homegrown week session on April 28, 2014 with this local singer/songwriter. Formerly in the band Sight Like December, he now primarily performs as a solo artist.

Steve Johnson

Listen to our session with this acoustic ska duo featuring Jason Wusso and Veikko Lepisto from April 30, 2014. They joined us during Homegrown week and talked about how they connected up to start playing together.

Wood Blind Homegrown

Listen to our session with Dan Anderson and company bring their soulful grooves to the studio from May 2, 2014. They talk about the types of shows they play and what kind of music inspires them.

The Silk Sheiks

Listen to our session with the frontman from Twin Cities Band Painted Saints from April 25, 2014. He talks about some of the other bands he is working with and influences that have changed his songwriting.

Homegrown week continued on KUMD as Gaelynn Lea and Dan Dresser, also known as the Getarounds, joined us for a session from May 2, 2014. They talk about how they formed their duet and play some of their songs.

The Getarounds

One of Homegrown's original acts returns with a new band, the Extinct Gingers, for the festival. Listen to our session from May 2, 2014 as this singer/songwriter reminisces about Homegrowns past and shares some new material.

Amy Abts

Listen to our session from April 29, 2014 with this alt-bluegrass band. They recently released a self-titled album and discuss some of the fresh new material.

Tin Can Gin

Listen to our session with another Duluth Homegrown Music Festival performer from May 1, 2014. This is the latest project from local musician Tim Nelson, who played the very first Homegrown as part of the First Ladies.

Timothy Martin and the New Norm
Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Listen to our session with this 15-year-old local singer/songwriter from April 18, 2014, who is featured on the latest Beaner's Central One Week Live CD.